About Us

Our Beginnings.

With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, we decided 20 years ago to pursue careers in selling insurance.  At the time, we had 4 children and wanted flexible hours so we could have more family time.  We also experienced with our grandparents the retirement process and the decisions they had to make for their healthcare.  It was complicated for them not knowing anything about insurance and we had to help them navigate thru the process.  It was a turning point for us as we wanted to be able to help others in their same shoes.

Problems in the Insurance Industry Today.

Some of the problems we see in the industry today is the influx of information and misinformation. As in any industry, you always have to be mindful of who you are dealing with and what they are doing with your information.  Another issue we are experiencing in the healthcare markets is the cost of medical plans and medications.

In the home insurance world, many insurance companies have either raised their rates or are no longer doing business in Florida therefore leaving homeowners in difficult financial situations as the companies that are operating in Florida have had to increase rates substantially to be able to sustain and pay claims. Some of these issues have arisen from not only mother nature but untrustworthy contractors using the home insurance to cover non storm related improvements thus escalating the costs of claims that otherwise would have been the responsibility of the homeowners for normal wear and tear.

Avansa Today.

Today the Avansa family business has grown. We service all counties in Florida as well as over 32 states.  We are a full service agency offering all types of insurance products from health insurance to auto to life to business insurance.  We can assist you with all aspects of your insurance needs.


How much is a consultation with your office?

Our office does not a fee for a consultation.

What languages do you speak in your office?

We are a bilingual agency and offer information in English and Spanish.

What types of health insurance do you offer?

We offer health insurance for Medicare recipients, Individuals seeking insurance who are not covered by an employer sponsored plan or travel insurance for those looking for temporary insurance outside the US. We also offer employer group sponsored plans for those business owners looking for health insurance plans for their employees.

Q: What is the difference between an HMO, PPO, POS or EPO?

A health maintainenance organization is a type of health plan where you have to have a primary care physician that will provide referrals for specialist and you must only see physicians contracted with the health plan. If a referral or authorization is not obtained for services, your plan may deny covering the services rendered. A PPO is a preferred provider organization that offers coverage in or out of network and referrals are not required to see specialists. In a Point of Service or a Exclusive Provider Organization, services are only covered when services are obtained by contracted providers like an HMO, the only difference is referrals for specialists are not required.  All plans have to cover emergency services in or out of network.

What automobile insurance do you offer or work with?

We are an approved Progressive agency partner and also work with Hagerty for classic and exotic vehicles.

Can you help me if my driving record is not perfect and I need minimum liability?

Yes, we are also an authorized agency for Assurance America.

I am starting a business, can you help me set up my liability insurance?

Yes, we have several companies that we can shop to help you find an affordable solution for you as you establish your business and for many years to come.

Have you heard of mortgage insurance, what is it?

Mortgage insurance is also known as term life insurance.  It is a life insurance policy for a term of 15 or 30 years (they come in 10, 15, 20, 30 year policies), that will pay your beneficiary to help pay your mortgage in case of your death.

What is Medicare and can you help me?

Medicare is insurance thru the Federal government for those who have worked 40 quarters and are eligible at age 65 or for younger people living with certain illnesses or disabilities. Once you have Medicare there are many plan options and we can help you navigate thru your Medicare needs to find the right plan.

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